There is a niche for everything.

So I was searching on Etsy for a spinning wheel, which I'm not going to buy because they are not cheap. I'm still terrible at spinning (although I've gotten better! I'll post soon) and quite honestly the spindle interests me, but the wheel I'm still so so on it.

But I did find this.

For those of you too lazy to click, it is a cup holder custom made to the spinning wheel you own. And that's not the only one, every possible wheel that I've heard of (and many that I haven't) this person has made a cup holder for all of these wheels. And they cost about $25 each. Crazy. It seems this etsy person has created a market for making cupholders for spinning wheels.

I guess if you have an idea, you should implement it.


fan girls > fan boys?

So my roommate sent me this link the other day that basically says New Moon had the biggest opening day ever beating out the Dark Knight. She said something along the lines of, "If I've ever been proud of Twilight it is in this moment." and at the time I agree. It's awesome that our voice is being heard in an industry that is dominated by the male gaze.

But tonight my friend convinced me that I had to see it (for her it was the second time... in about five days). So I watched it, and was a horrible movie watching buddy. I laughed and sniggered and rolled my eyes and sighed.

In theory sexy vampires and werewolves are all well and good. But if this is what it takes for Hollywood to pay attention to the other sex, I'm not sure if I want it.

Bella as a heroine is a horrible model. She lives and breathes only for Edward, when he leaves her she stays lethargic for a long period of time. The only thing that cheers her up is acting recklessly to see an unintentionally hilarious smoky Edward that tells her not do things.

The romance between Edward and Bella is so tortured, and tragical. It's seriously like watching all the bad fanfiction I read put on a film with a new life breathed in it. I am a sucker for a good romance story, and have many guilty/embarrassing pleasures, but holy crap.

Do we as females really want to align ourselves behind a character/a movie that the main characters are such freaking smucks. The movie includes beautiful lines such as:

Edward Cullen: I love you. You're my only reason to stay alive... if that's what I am.

Edward Cullen: You just don't belong in my world Bella.
Bella Swan: I belong with you.

Bella Swan: But the absence of him is everywhere I look. It's like a huge hole has been punched through my chest. But In a way, I'm glad. The pain is the only reminder that he was real.

I feel like we're sending the message that the only thing that will fly if you want to make movies that females want to see the only way to do so is to create stupid tortured love stories. Involving stupid characters who according to the author "Are flawed but are good people because of the love they have for each other." That is bullshit.

Bella is so caught up in her love story with Edward that she ceases to be a person. Loving as all great and good, but there are other characteristics that make you a person. If her only redeeming quality is that she loves this guy then in my opinion she has no redeeming qualities.

It's really irritating that THIS is the character that we rally behind and say that we are force to be reckoned with. All we are going to get then is more stupid whinny little shits that need a boy to feel complete.

The only good thing about the movie then is one thing:
I thoroughly enjoyed the Objectification of Taylor Lautner. He is quite delicious.