My Kitchen smelled like wet wool and artifical grape

Some of you may know that I've been spinning yarn. I'm new to it, so unlike knitting which I would argue that I'm very proficient at everything I make spinning wise is new and exciting and fabulous.
And for some odd reason I feel a need to dye the stuff I spin, even though usually it's already dyed. I'm attracted to pretty colors. So recently I spun (and plied!) this
Into This
It's about 3oz of Merino spun from roving top in camel from indigo crane fiber . One of my swap buddies recently sent me a how to dye yarn with kooaid tutorial, which is a cheap way to get a fiber fix. I'm all for that. I soaked the yarn to set the twist.
This picture is more accurate to the color, the other one had too much light. I put it in a tupperware container with some vinegar and two packets of grape kool-aid.
Microwaved it on and off for two minutes at a time for about 20 minutes. And the end result was this
I forgot to take a picture of the balls, this is just the leftover. And then I knit it up with size nine needles, loosely following a pattern and got this!

My lovely roommate is modeling the hat for me, because unfortunately I knit it too small to fit my rather large head. Sad day. She is also planning on stealing it from be because she likes it. And well, it doesn't really fit me. So I guess I have to let her.

Yart blogging done. Chinese homework start!

BTW: For those who don't know Yarn + art = Yart!


Yart blogging

I'm inspired. I am going to try and take more pictures and talk more about my knitting. That includes blogging about it here. All my Yarting (Yarn +art) should be shown off, after all it is apart of my cultural production is it not?


Cultural Production

So I've been thinking lately as to what this term "Cultural Production" actually means. As a person I assume I produce it everyday. It's very odd to think of it as something that you produce sort of whether you mean to or not as opposed to something that is deliberate. Like writing a book, that would be a purposeful deliberate cultural production, instead though everything that we do could be some sort of cultural production. Meaning the blog that I kept on High school.... That shit is going to be there forever, ew.

I suppose I don't have fully formed opinions about this yet. I'll get back to you on it.