Wordless Wed: Christmas Presents


Live List

I've decided I want to keep track of shows that I have been able to go to and keep track of it. So minus a few local bands I saw in High School (whose names I don't remember at all)  So this is starting from Sophomore year of college. Please know that I have some questionable taste in music. And I love the fact that I do.

Ashley Tisdale
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.
The Decemberists
Dengue Fever
The Devil Whale
Future Islands
Glee Live!
The Head and The Heart (x2)
Jonathan Coulton
Lead to Sea
Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles (x2)
Mountain Man (x2)
Okkervil River
Paul and Storm
Thao & Mirah (x2)
Thao with The Get Down Stay Down
These United States
Titus Andronicus
Tokio Hotel


Wordless Wednesday: The fun homework


Media Monday: Nerd of Color Tropes

This is Dule Hill. He is an actor. He is probably best known for his role as Charlie in the West Wing or as Gus in Psych. Today we are going to talk about the latter.

Something that is extremely common in television is the idea of the minority sidekick. I would offer a list to prove my point but I think I would do well to keep this post a little shorter than that. Psych for those of you who are unfamiliar with the show follows the adventures of a private (fake) psychic detective, Shawn Spencer, as he aids the police in solving cases. Gus is often the voice of reason and the straight man. It is a comedy.

There is an interesting dynamic of James Roday (who plays Shawn the protagonist) was born with the last name Rodriguez and is a person of color with passing privilege. But that is perhaps another post for another day.

Often times the minority sidekick (regardless if they are a person of color or a flamboyant gay man) usually fall into two categories. They act completely as a part of the majority as if it would be no different than if their sidekick were apart of the majority and they are simply there for a little diversity in the cast. But only in passing or for visual effect. Or they adhere to every single stereotype that is often attributed to the minority in a gross exaggeration and often it is only played for drama or comedy. Or they somehow straddle both lines and fall into one or the other whenever it is convenient for the plot.

Now, I don't know if I can credit Dule Hill or it is simply good writing but Gus manages to not fall into either of those categories. Instead Gus not only addresses his blackness on screen but often times it is in a positive way.

For Example:
Shawn: "How come you're allowed to say 'bingo,' and I'm not? 
"Gus: "The same reason you're not allowed to say, 'true-dat.'" 
Shawn: "True that." 
Gus: "Exactly."
They address the dynamic of Shawn's whiteness and Gus' blackness in a way that is very race positive. Gus mentions his experience as a person of color fairly frequently and it is usually met with understanding and not just given a brush off. Shawn and Gus are both allowed to engage in the discussion of race in an interesting and positive way without it seeming outside of the context of the show.

Good job boys.



Good news: I got a new memory card for my camera!

Bad news: I have yet to take any pictures with it and there is quite the storm brewing right now.

Other news: I'm moving! internetly speaking, sort of.

I have started another blog and am going to post all crafty related things there. I am also going to start making things (and possibly hopefully selling them) under the name of "handspun rainbows" I would love it if you came with me on my journey and wish me luck in my new endeavors! And if you have a moment, come play with me!

Note: This blog will stay as my personal blog. Where I will talk about my life and occasionally rage on the state of the world.


Please Stand by...

We are experiencing technical difficulties.

This morning I was going to take a lot of pictures of Quilts in progress for a WIP Wed post. currently I have 6 and I am actively working on four. And I would really like the wise opinion of my small but very intelligent readership. However I lost me camera card. Not sure where it is, at all. Tore apart my room this morning to no luck. I can't afford a new card right now (unless they sell them at the student book store then it is sort of like an interest free creditcard) So with a little luck I will be able to post a finished quilt top, or sock or something for FO Friday (ha. Probably not).

PS: I decided to put the followers widget on my blog so if you haven't yet please follow me!
PPS: I fail at lack of YOP post this week but I am not failing at YOP knitting. I have stuff to share I promise.


Mondog #3 PUPPY!!!

Our Mondog today is brought to you by Grep.

Here he is at 8.5 weeks old. He is a German (emphasis on the GERMAN) Shepard. And soooo cute. He is the new puppy of my MOHS ravlery friend Kate.  Now he is closer to 10/ 10.5 weeks But I am sure that he is just as cute. Just look at the HUGE puppy paws!

More pictures of Grep can be found here. There are a lot of cute ones but I just love the ear pop.

Have a great Mondog everyone! if you have a dog that you'd love to see on mondog please email me at Chen.AD@gmail.com


Mondog #2 Normative

This Mondog is brought to you by my sister's photodiary .

When ever I feature Esme on this blog. She is usually all riled up, got her tongue sticking out, and looks generally very silly. This is what happens when you take a puppy and try to pose her and get her to do things. It is also what happens when you take a dog outside. She thinks you want to play with her when really all you want her to do is sit on your quilt.

This is Esme's normal state. She is cuddled up on a sweater, a pillow, a couch. Barely awake. She is a very lazy dog. I believe she spends maybe 1/8 of her time outside, 1/8 of her time squeaking toys/ tearing apart plushies/ general play time,  3/8 of her time sleeping and 3/8 of her time looking for food.

If you love dogs and would love your dog featured on my Mondog posts (and I would love your fluffy or non fluffy puppy) on my blog. I will also link back to your blog! please email me at Chen.AD@gmail.com

Have a wonderful Mondog Everyone!


Some Progress

It took a little bit but finally I have something to show for it.

All this time I have been saying that I am not just a winter knitter. Because knitting is for all times. But now I think that it may not necessarily be true. While I knit in the summer because I like to knit come fall I think I knit more. Not because the weather is cooler but rather because I do more things. I travel on the bus (knitting time), I sit in class (knitting time), I have down time before classes between classes (more knitting time). It was how last week I finished my Escher socks.

And this week what I can show you is that I finally have progress on my Potpourri socks. So much progress that I almost wonder if I can pull this off in a year. Probably not. But you know it might be possible. Once I got over how much I hated the double figure eight wrap in the pattern, it is a breeze. Well... I shouldn't say that. don't want to jinx myself.

I also started on a different pair of socks. They are the spot check socks and it will be some color work which I am excited about. It is going to be made out of Malabrigo in ravlery red and Mountain Colors Bearfoote in Bitterroot Rainbow.

The differences in the size of balls is actually somewhat comical...

Well hopefully this means the amount of knitting I am doing is on the up swing. And for the mothers and fathers that are worried, yes, I take notes in class as well. I wonder when I will knit when I graduate?


YOP: Long Overdue

Last week I promised a YOP post on Tuesday. Well, it is only a week late. Not so bad right?
Well I decided that I wouldn't make a blog post until I finished my socks. Well, I finished them this afternoon. Finally. I am sorely behind schedule. Opps. I finished no socks for the month of August. I've determined that I probably will not knit through this book in a year.
However, that doesn't mean that I will not knit through this entire book... eventually. I will try my damnedest though to get it within about a year. Maybe two years at the rate that I am going.
So. Here are my Jade Escher socks. They are knit out of Dream in Color Smooshy in the good luck jade colorway. One of my favorites in the sock yarn. If the rainbow garter socks have everything that I didn't like about socks. These had everything that I love in socks. A simple but strong pattern that is memorable. A heel flap and gusset and square toe.

Also. Remember the story of the yarn trail? Well here is the remainder of my yarn. Yes, infact more yarn went on a walk then what took me to knit this sock. Wow.