When someone says they won't judge, they just mean out loud

So I've been thinking lately about perceptions. How our first judgment for a person is not when we introduce ourselves or when we shake their hands. How many things are in a person that we perceive without even trying. The few that come off the top of my head are race and gender. But we also perceive class to a certain extent, we probably even try to do intelligence. The threshold then for what we perceive is pretty ridiculous. Even the setting in which we meet the person takes in our initial judgment of the person. This I think is all in general knowledge.

What I'm really curious though is how much people think of me is perceived and how much people actually know me. I realize that this is a selfish statement, but it does go on the other way. If I think I know someone really well, do I actually know them? or is it merely what I perceive of them. Then again the world is how we see it, so what we know about someone is what we think of them.

So now in sort of a wonky train of thought, is my personality of what I perceive of myself? huh?