And now for the winner of my first ever giveaway.


congrats dear. I think I still have your address on file, but I will pm you to double check it for sure. I'm excited that some of my handspun is going to be in Germany. I think that is furthest some of my handspun has ever travelled.

Here is a sneak peak of your yarn! I'm only about 1/3 of the way through it right now. So please be patient it will get to you!


Why friends are awesome

This post could also be titled I had to work yesterday and didn't get to take pics in time to make a WIP: Wednesday post.

Last week my Rav friend Jen and I struck a good deal, in which I came away with a pound of unwashed alpaca (I wanted it! even though it is covered in poop!) and her second hand but still in great condition ashford hand carders. And Jen came away with money to buy some more yarn of course!

I've washed a little bit of the alpaca but haven't gotten it too clean, mostly because my dog keeps on trying to eat it. And I'm nervous my mom will discover just how dirty the alpaca is and will get mad that I brought it into her house. Instead I will wait until I am back in my own apartment with the aid of some rubber gloves and then I can get my hands all dusty and dirty all on my own.

In the mean time. Some great news. Steven's Point Wisconsin now has its very own LYS! It is called the Wisconsin Wool Exchange. It is a little store that specializes in local yarn, and it is absolutely adorable and I can't wait to go back when they are fully set up (I went in on their first day open in their new location).

While there because I wanted to play with my new carders, I bought roughly 3 oz of merino wool in cordinating colors that I could blend together.

I'm still playing around with the blending but it looks like it is going to be a very nice light shade of greyish purple. I'm carding them in all sorts of different ways and I think it will turn out to be a very subtle striping that will be very pretty. (I hope).
So my work in progress this week is really me learning how to card (oh and the other 2oz of my merino to bend together)

Mostly I am just incredibly happy that I got some carders to play with. And that Jen was nice enough to sell them to me even though she wasn't planning on selling them. and that I get to play with putting colors together! Everyone knows I'm a total sucker for colors. I am quickly turning into a jack of all trades, but master of none.

And Don't forget there is still one more day to enter in my very first giveaway! (see post below).


This post is brought to you by the world's most uncooperative puppy

This is my 100th Blog Post. Just thought I'd share. I should have a give away or something?

About a month ago, I was MOHS, on Ravelry's Queen for a Day (or three) it is a fun game where you get to be queen and people make offers to you to try and get you to pass on the queenship to them. In the end I passed on my throne to Becca who offered me 40z of custom dyed fiber... How does one turn down custom dyed fiber? They don't!

If you read this blog with any regularity, you will know that I love my dog. So what better way to love your dog then get fiber dyed to look like her?

This is Becca's Fiber dyed in a custom Esme colorway. Isn't it awesome? She sells her stuff on Etsy as well be sure to check it out.

And now my photo shoot with Esme. She doesn't look to happy in it, but that is because it is hot out and I was making her do way to much work for one measly treat

If I had a dog that pooped sheep fiber I'd be set for life.

at least she looks happy! Usually during these photo shoots she plays drama puppy, why are you doing this to me!

Also, I've reached the end of this blog post and decided I wanted to do a giveaway in honor of my 100th post. Comment on this post (with how cute my puppy is... just kidding) and I will put all of you (hopefully there will be more than one) in a RNG and the winner will get a skein of Handspun yarn by yours truly.

Notes: It will not be my Esme fiber, that is mine. Giveaway will close next Friday May 27th. Please only comment once. Please leave some way (be it email or Rav name so I can contact you for address) Please allow me a week or so after the contest closes for me to spin up some fiber.


FO: Friday Where have I been?

Oh my what happened to me? I haven't blogged in nearly two weeks. It's not from lack of doing stuff, it is almost being too busy.

I've moved for the month to my mom's in Wisconsin to help her out with the restaurant. My sewing machine is STILL broken as my friends dad is currently on vacation. No worries though he should be back in a few days. Although, I have been looking at some sewing machines on craigslist... early birthday present maybe? I'm currently taking advantage of the fact I have a car and am mobile.

I'm currently bar tending or waitressing every night, but that still leaves enough time for knitting. and I currently have plans to take over the dining room and turning it into my own quilting station and eager to have the room for it.

Right now I'm just happy to be reunited with the worlds best puppy

anyways enough housekeeping, on to the FO. I finished a delightful rainbowy (ish) shawl from my handspun the silk in it makes it incredibly drapey and I might be in love with it. Even though the weather is now officially spring (after snowing on Tuesday) I might just wear it today out of stubbornness.

Lace is so fun not knit. Not because of the small yarn or the complicated pattern, but because of how it grows. Bind off the edging and all there is, is this sad little wrinkled mess. But get it wet, stretch it out pin it down and it is like magic. It grows to such a nice shape as if it was supposed to be that way.

For now though i will leave you with the worlds cutest puppy modeling my brand new scarf! (she was kind of unhappy about it)