Why Hello Curly, Larry and Moe...

So yesterday, a few friends and I were hanging out in my room and eating bread with butter and drinking hot chocolate, and knitting (of course I was knitting). Well my friend and I were sitting on my roommates bed and I commented something along the lines of, "Be careful I don't think Vera would appreciate us eating on her bed." Not a minute later one of the chopsticks we were using to spread the butter falls off of our plate and we get a little on her blanket. So we look at it and go "Oh, crap what now?" then the other chopstick with MORE butter falls and gets on her blanket. "Oh double crap."

We set down our hot chocolate and look at the blanket pondering what should happen when... we knock over a cup of hot chocolate onto the floor, and on Vera's rug. So then we start scrambling getting the yarn off her bed so we can get a move on and clean this all before she comes home, and in the scramble we knock of the other cup of hot chocolate (I think we're up to 4x crap now).

What ends up happening is we pull the extra blanket off of my bed (which looks like hers because she uses the ones provided by the school, I was using it as padding against my lack of a mattress) and throwing the rug and everything into the washer. Then we see that my school issued blanket is a slightly different color than her school issued blanket (quintuple crap!) we put it on anyways and hoped she wouldn't notice.

The next day I tell Vera that we spilled hot chocolate on the floor yesterday and I'm sorry but I got it on her rug, Vera goes, "It got on my blanket too didn't it? this one is new."

... I told her yes.

In other news this weekend I went shopping on the Silk Market, a place famed for their silk scarves and Caitlin and I wandered into the touristy section (well the whole thing is touristy, but the REALLY touristy section). And there was this white guy kind of flirt bargaining with a fuwuyran (shop worker) and then another one kind of playfully swatted at him and the guy kind of jumped back and went "Bie Qi Fu Lao Wai!" which roughly translates to : Don't bully the foreigner! except Lao Wai is a semi insulting term for forgiener so it made me giggle.

I also love eggplant, a lot.

I will try to take more pictures soon. I know I've been lazy/nothing interesting has been happening.



So in buying semi illegal DVD's here in China the other day I bought a copy of wall e. And to my great pleasure it was an actual legit DVD... well not legit in the legitimate sense, but it had like all the bonus features and animated shorts attached. It made me extremely happy.

I finally got the chance to see it though, and it was really really adorable I think. I know I should be blogging about China, but I wanted to update and thats all I really had to say.



Beijing DOES NOT Huan Ying Ni

SO I no longer love this song, because I had to sing it, in front of a LOT of people (like probably over a hundred) with my Kou Yu Ban. Sadly I was not the worse singer, and that is saying quite a bit, because I am kind of bad.


My favorite part is the flag interlude, I want to speed it up and make it a gif. srsly.

And then we were followed by Koreans and for some reason almost all of them can sing really well (see you if you pick out the Koreans in my class) and just got owned.

Here is a picture of my KouYu Ban because we don't normally all dress like the Chinese flag I promise, this picture is old becasue my hair is still long in it.

more on life later,