Block-a-palooza 1/4

Yesterday, I finished up block two and then did blocks three and four, I am now 25% done and half done with the blocks that are already been published. But First the redo of block number one

I'm not sure you can tell but it is much straighter and has no holes than the last one. and it actually measues about 12.5 instead of 11.75 like last time.

Block number two was the one I was most worried about lots of sewing lots of little blocks and seams to match up. While the seams aren't exact the block is surprsingly square and I wasn't sure about the color choices but now I love them.

Block number three was kind of a pain in the butt with all the cutting 7/8th squares and then so many diagonals. But the way they made flying geese on this was way better than the first attempt, it might be because I'm getting better at them though. =D

Block four came together really really quickly and three out of the four points match in the middle. Which for a newbie quilter like me who is in waaaay over her head i call that a success. Hopefully some of the blocks are easier and I'll get caught up ish soon. However, I own no wonder under and have never apliqued before for the newest block.... oh crap.


Bloggers block-a-palooza

So after two weeks of looking and another three days of realizing "Hey I have enough fabric in my stash to to make that! I caved. I decided I was going to do the blogger's block-a-palooza. Read more about it here . Several of the blogs I follow are doing it including my personal favorite quilting blog Oh, Fransson!So despite the fact that I am completely outclassed and have never made a flying geese or a pinwheel in my life. Despite the fact that allegedly there is applique involved. Despite the fact I have been sewing for maybe six months (just under) I am going for it. Late last night I embarked on a journey and tried to make my very first flying geese patches. It did not go that well. I went to bed satisfied that I made my first ever and that the block was much much bigger than I thought it would be.

I took a look at it again and noticed what a complete and total failure it was. I picked it apart back to its nine-patch component and measured the flying geese patches to see if there were any I could save or if I should just start over. Not a single was was 6.5" the size it was supposed to be the closest was a quarter of an inch off and none of them were remotely square so I decided to redo it. all eight of the flying geese. wasting the little bit of the solid I have for this quilt. hopefully I can post an update soon. and my block will actually be square and or big enough that I can square up...


Oh it's another Saturday Night...

And I ain't go nobody. I got some money 'cause I just got paid. Oh how I wish I had someone to talk to, I'm in an awful way.

What am I doing instead? why I'm cleaning fabric in my bathtub and hanging it to dry in my kitchen, isn't that what normal college kids do? That is a fat quarter set of Soul Blossoms by Amy Butler btw.

I really should leave the house sometime soon.