WIP: Wednesday Who's Hungry?

I know it seems like the only project/thing I've been blogging about lately is my Who's Hungry? quilt. And you might have a point. But it's just that I recently decided that I really wanted to finish it the blocks are easy so why haven't I finished it yet? even more recently I decided that I was going to finish this quilt (including the quilting) in April. Seeing as it is not april yet it looks like I'm probably in pretty good shape. However, my boarder number 1 fabric isn't supposed to get here until April 5th. Wish me luck!

Enough talking time for quilt progress:
I am eight blocks from being done with the block part of the quilt top

They mostly made out of blocks with a corduroy middle, but them a few of them are a semi irregular four patch ish type block made out of the middle scraps like this one:

They are not intentionally wonky... I'm just not good at peicing lots of little squares together, I don't think the tape marking 1/4 inch is straight on my machine right now. I should try to fix that.


Sunday Stash: On monday!

Alright, so it's technically not stash because it is for a specific project (specifically the borders and backing for my who's hungry quilt). And it is technically Monday afternoon not Sunday. But I just got it and wanted to show it off.

My blog. My rules. Yeah, that's right.


WIP: Wednesday quilt making

Why, what is this held up with command strip hooks and painters tape? sitting up in my corner so nicely?

Maybe you need a better look, perhaps one further away?

It's a design wall! when I was cleaning my room a while back I decided I needed one. since I live in an apartment with three roommates and I'm not allowed to put holes in the walls or damage them in any sort I had to be creative with how to attach the wall. as you can see by the space it takes up that there isn't too much room for it.

Now for the quilt top. if any of you have been reading my blog you will know that this set of fat quarters was my christmas present from my sister. I'm turning them into 7.5 in squares. Not to sure how I'm going to put them together yet but this is what I have so far.

I especially love the owl fabric and turning the owls into little one eyed monsters at the seams.

Sorry for the crappy picture quality I don't know what is going on but if you


Sunday Stash: Rainbow edition

I'm trying to to add more to the stash (although, I'm not very good at that) so instead of showing you all what is new to the stash instead I thought I would use this space to share the stash that I have.

Sorry that the pictures aren't that good it is gloomy in mpls today ad was trying to compensate with un-natural lighting

If you know me at all then you know that I love rainbows. Call me childish but I have never met a rainbow that i didn't like. I just find them so so appealing and can rarely resist one. So on my very first Sunday Stash I share with you, my rainbow stash.

We have the commercial yarns:

The Hand painted yarns:

the Handspun rainbows: (if I ever have a band that is going to be the name of it handspun Rainbows)

And the Rainbow Fiber

Please note that this is pure STASH that means any WIPs or FOs were not included in these pictures. Also of note, I own no rainbow fabric except for a jelly roll WIP (this needs to be remedied).

This is just a very long way of saying that if you ever need to get me a present rainbow sock yarn is probably a pretty good bet.


FO: Friday

I finished my first shawl that was extremely blocking intensive and very lacey. I think I'll just like the pictures do the talking.



WIP: Wednesday

It is really satisfying to take something from the beginning all the way to the end. Someday I hope to sheer my own sheep wash the wool prep it spin it, dye it, and knit something pretty out of it. The best I can do right now is to take this lovely bump of roving dyed by the awesome woolgatherings who paints some of the best rainbows ever. It is a merino, bamboo, tussah silk mix which is some of the nicest fiber I've had the pleasure to spin.

Last week I had this vision of a rainbowy mixed up shawl from my own handspun. right after finishing my arabella, which I will post about soon. I was itching to do another shawl. I put it off for a while but then I could resist. I spun it up and then started my shawl


FO: Friday (first one!)

Yes, I've decided to do that whole craft blogger thing with a WIP: Wednesday, FO: Friday and Stash Sunday. It won't be every week (most likely Fridays will not be all the FO-y) But this is the first one.

And since I am a Jack-of-all-crafts, Master of None hopefully they will be diverse and interesting (in theory). So

It is 50/50 Merino Tencel From Greenworks Fibers spun to be something kind of around a worsted/dk weight. And it will belong to SOMEONE WHO I THINKS READS THIS BLOG IF SHE EVER HANGS OUT WITH ME. just saying.

PS: this is also part 2/5 of the new years craft-along I posted earlier about.



Here are blocks eight and nine of the palooza

Initially I was hesitant about the applique in block number eight but the heat n bond wonder under worked just sooo well and I could get the original placement of the gesse right in this block so I sort of made my own placement, but hey it worked out. Also, you'll notice that my long strips on the side are seamed. that is because I'm working with layer cakes and can't actually make a strip that is 10.75" because well, layer cakes are only 10" oops.

Block number nine was so pretty but I'm not sure about my color choices. I was nervous about it because it contained the smallest geese yet. But actually they turned out pretty decent if I'm allowed to say so.


This post is brought to you by...

The beautiful Avan Jogia

His PSA is for a campaign by a group of men that call themselves "Straight But Not Narrow" Now. I appreciate the message I really do I think it is great that allies are reaching out and spreading the word, especially as an ally to the cause. Allies have an important place in the world as way to reach out to communities that might not be aware or open to those issues, which is clearly what this PSA is trying to do.

However, I'm not sure about the packaging. The entire notion of "real men" would support it and "man up" is very gender normative. It could be that because they are trying to reach out to those communities that are masculine and often have their manliness tied to things that are traditionally manly like height and ability to shotgun a beer, That they are being clever and using the language of the person to make it more understandable to them.

Pop stars like Katy Perry, Ke$ha (I can't believe i just put a dollarsign in that) have come under fire for talking about manliness in their songs. Katy wrote a scathing song about an ex-boyfriend called UR so Gay, and Kesha has told men before that they need to "grow a pair" in song. And even though this message is positive unlike the other two I feel like it falls under the same gender normative stere0 type trap that these popstars do.

I don't really know where I am going with this, I just know that when I started out with this blog it wasn't supposed to be a crafting only blog.


Bunnies Bunnies Bunnies!

Bloggers' Block a palooza update!

Block number six, despite part of it not being square it was generally the right size and ascetic wise it is my favorite block yet and the first chance I've really had to use all of my colors together. and I looove it.

Block number 7 has BUNNIES! it was my effort to use more brown in the blocks so they weren't just all white and one color. I love it. Plus any time I can use the big bunny print instead of just all the little ones make me happy. I love bunnies! and the brown looks nice and doesn't stick out that badly.

Here is my first eight blocks all put together!

more on block eight latter.

Also: for those of you worried I've stopped doing other crafts, here is my malabrigo shawl in progress you can't squish it over the internet, but trust me it's delightful.


Geesey McNinepatch McFail

Two weekends ago I set out to make block number five of the block-a-palooza, I was excited for the no waste method of geese and cut all the proper fabrics, after lots of marking and careful cutting this is what I ended up with:

it is not the right size, it is not even it is NOT pretty.

That is when I gave up and made a mug rug. Being me it is a rainbow log cabin. I've come down on the side of Mug Rugs are kind of not practical and kind of silly. But cute and pretty and nice. So that's what I've fallen on.

This weekend I started again with the geesey McNinepatch pattern and this time instead of trying the no waste method of geese I made all the cuts. cut all the big squares in two diagonals and all the little squares in halves and made sure everything was squared up. The result?

Not really much better than the first but is is slightly straighter and slighly closer to the right size. sooo win? Also, my wonderunder came in today so look for blocks 6-8 soon!