I've come to the conclusion...

That I am not white.

I know, duh Annie look in the mirror. Clearly, you are not white. But I've grown up with the notion that I am a "White washed" Asian Kid. Based on the people I grew up with and the experiences I've had. And while it's easy to group my identity into that of the a person who is not a person of color. I think that by doing this I am denying not only my person of color experience but the experiences of other of persons of color like me. Just because it's not the standard narrative of a person of color and maybe there isn't a "standard narrative" It is a narrative and a legitimate one at that.

Not only all of this, but I've sort of come to the conclusion that many of the experiences that I take for granted are simply not those of a "white persons" a lot of the habits I have, I learned from my mother or other situations that arose from being a person of color. And recognizing that i the first step of reconciling identities.

(Sorry for not posting for so long)