BJ Gardens

This weekend I went to the Botanical Gardens with my Language Partner group. Not my Language partner though, he is in Switzerland right now. I think we should have waited a few weeks to go though, because now only some things were blossoming and it was COLD. It snowed there which is really odd for late March in Beijing I feel then again it hardly ever rains here, so I guess anything besides dry is abnormal. Anyways I'll put more pictures up soon but enjoy my pretty ones in the mean time. Oh, and going in the warm green house was nice.




I spent a lot of break, and a lot of China time running around the Subway system. And wow, all i can say is Minneapolis would really benefit from a comprehensive system. I have subway passes for four different places which is awesome. Hong Kong's system is best, but Taiwan's is the cutest, but the Taiwanese really like their music they play it for their subway, they play it for their garbage trucks and basically whatever else.


Video Blogs

I made some videos during my winter break and I thought I should maybe finally post them up.

Here are some pictures that i took to go along with it, these were out of a taxi though, which is kind of hard to get good pictures of.

This happened for several nights even after I came back from taiwan as well once at four in the morning which is so strange.




Life is stupid and it fails you.

Then again sometimes you fail it.


So anyways...

All the pictures I took on vacation I'll get around to posting here and on facebook.

My friends and I have also resolved to go to more interesting places this semester so we get to experience the "real Beijing" so hopefully I'll blog about that.

my New Years resolution was to be a better student... and well there is still some hope.

I think a better resolution would be to stop watching so much TV, it is kind of ridiculous I think.

There is a girl with in my calligraphy class with a name that sounds almost exactly like mine, but her second character is different, it is "Rainbow" instead of "Girl" I am jealous.

I update my Plurk way more than I update this, be my friend!

If I get bored I might post a "get to know me!" quiz on here for kicks.