Random Act of Kindness

For those who've known me for a while know that I really wanted a spinning wheel but really just couldn't afford one.

For those of you who follow me on twitter/Facebook know that I've been extremely excited about something for the last few days and now world I can share with you....

No friends your eyes are not deceiving you that is a spinning wheel. In my living room. Sit down let
me tell you an amazing story.

On Sunday my friend Sarah came up from South Dakota (she was here for a wedding on Sat) We went to the MIA (Minneapolis Institute of Art) a free museum in south Minneapolis. While we were there I had my spindle out and was walking around while spindling business as usual. At MIA they have these great little things called "art carts" which are maned by volunteers and have art that you can touch and play with and talk about with the the people.

While I was walking and spindling one of the volunteers stopped me and asked what I was doing. I said that i was spinning yarn on a drop spindle. They said  they had a native american drop spindle but didn't really know anything about it. I looked at it was able to explain a little bit about it.

One of the Women Beverly who is absolutely wonderful mentioned that she used to spin on a wheel but but never on a spindle.

I mentioned that I really would love a wheel

she asked if I was interested.

I said yes, but with my budget being what it is there is no way I could afford a wheel even one on the lower end of the pricing spectrum.

And Beverly's response was that her wheel had been sitting in her basement for years now without being used. and when she got home she would take it out and look at it and if everything seemed to be in order I could have it.

I could have it, as in she would give it to me.

I gave her a hug. and now this morning my roommate and I drove across town to her house and picked it up.

I am completely blown away by her generosity and that she would give a person that she just met something as valuable as a wheel. and just completely floating on air I OWN A SPINNING WHEEL And it is wonderful and beautiful

It is a 1973 Clemes and Clemes Traditional Wheel it has been wonderfully maintained. Beverly ordered it directly from Clemes and Clemes in 1973 and had it shipped to her. And back then they didn't sell these wheels as kits oh no they shipped them in giant barrels This is it next to my roommates car to give you a size comparison

I think I need to replace the drive band but otherwise it is in excellent condition. Now i just need to learn how to spin on it!

And not only is Beverly a wonderful kind person but she is also a great artist. I'm positive i will be knitting something for her soon.


I am nothing if not consistent

So I'm participating in the Tour de Fleece right now (more on that later) But yesterday when I went to get some icecream with my friend I brought my spinning along and we had the following conversation in the car:

Me: It's spinning up a lot lighter than the roving is. I kind of like it.
Her: Yeah, that is kind of strange. But it's good that you like it.
Me: But I think I already own yarn this color though.
Her: well there are only so many shades of rainbow a person can own
Me: This is true

guys... I really like rainbows....
my roving yoinked from the original etsy posting I bought it from.