So there is a program here where they get to go to a bunch of free kind of touristy attractions and they don't do a head count or anything so if you know about it, you can tag along. So about last week or so I got to tag along to a Chinese acrobatic show
They do the sickest things, like they do one thing, like stand on a bike which is "ooh, thats hard and kind of cool" but then they put fourteen people on one bike and its just like holy crap. Or they have people with Chinese yo-yos which are fun but then they like stand on each others shoulders and pass the yo-yo's around...

So this girl is balancing a lot of things on her hands and feet, later she balanced one on all four appendages and her mouth, but I didn't get a good picture of that one
This is a guy on a balance board, holding a thing on his shoulders that have two girls hanging off of it, and then another guy on a balance board on top of him, flipping cups from the end of the board onto his head, observe:

Of course that was "only" when he was on one balance board thing

Guy jugguling on the outside of the wheel of death.
All these girls are spinning four plates in their hands while on each others shoulders, while doing the splits.
Then they balaanced this one thing on this girls shoulder which had four girls on it all spinning plates...

But wait there is MORE

That funny circular blur is a little girl flipping rapidly around and around and around, the thing behind her is a man pretending to be an ostrich.

Amazing bicycle feats.

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