While I missed the regular olympics here in China, all the olympic stuff was still up and I got to see some of the Paraolympics happening. Sarah actually got to see the ping pong championships which I'm completely jealous of, but you know.
This is the building that Olympic ping pong took place, yet it is right on my campus, but I wasn't allowed in it, unless I bought a ticket. Although supposedly tickets were not expensive. But I did get to see some other stuff.

the closed down the street and part of campus for a marathon/ just a race. Which was unfortunate because it was the same day as our placement test results were posted so we had to leave campus (which is gated in) and loop around and enter through a different gate. Because of the streets being closed everyone was walking/biking on the sidewalk and it looked like this:
Keep in Mind Sarah and I were walking in the opposite direction of all these people.

But here are some pictures of the runners

I have also been driven by bus past the phoenix nest two times and let me tell you even from a distance the structure is so incredibly pretty
<3 more on everything soon

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