rig-a-jig-jig and away we go

So apparently Vox is blocked here in China, so I can't use that blog and instead I must create a new one...

I started my journey at a lovely 4:30 am on Sept 9th to go to CWA with all my bags.

Sadly Esme did not want to be stuffed into a suitcase for 14 hours =(. I arrived for my flight which was for 6:00 am and at that early in the morning no one is really at the airport observe:

If you look carefully there is one person in that picture see if you can find him.

Our plane took off just as the sun was rising

And I landed 45 min later in Chicago just as the Sun was Rising
And then spent 6 or so hours in the Chicago airport. this Tunnel rivals Minnesota's on cool factor it actually might be better because it's more rainbowy.

I didn't get a window seat on the long flight, but I tried to take some pictures, these were over Siberia

The Beijing airport is huge and very clean. it is also full of lines (we had to wait in one to get a taxi) which thankfully moved very fast.

Because the Olympics just happened and the para olympics are currently happening the Taxi ride to Peking University was full of olympic stuff

They also had these great Public Service announcement signs, we passed two "Don't Drink and Drive!" a "Don't follow too close!" a "Don't drive tired!" and a "Don't litter!"

The first night it turns out we couldn't move into the dorms early like we were told and instead had to run around and find a hotel, which was super frantic, and a horrible experience I'm really glad that Sarah was with me to experience it.

So now I'm all moved in and had orientation and finally got the internet up in my room, which is nice. Even though I have to pay for it, but I guess I don't know what I was expecting, but on that all later, right now it is late and I am tired.

<3 you all (except for Jason who I <2),



M. said...

Esmes don't go in suitcases and O'Hare airpot is A+.

S. said...

That was me. I don't know why I'm "m."

April said...

Don't lie. Esme is secretly there with you. :D

Grille said...

call your mom

astrozombie50 said...
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Jason said...

awww I <22222222 you too!