Zhong Guo Peng You

So today I made my first Chinese friend. Sarah and Caitlin have been making Chinese friends because people come up to them and are like "oooh, you're American please be my language partner/friend!" But I have the problem of looking like everyone else so I have to be proactive in my Chinese friend making.

In the cafeteria when it is busy and you manage to get a table all to yourself other people sit with you for lack of space. And that's fine, but they completely ignore you too. Today I decided to put an end to that and when a guy sat down at my table I tapped him on the arm and basically said, "Excuse me I'm from the States and am looking for Chinese friends." Sounds pathetic and desperate yes, but he took pity on me I guess and we talked and exchanged phone numbers and walked around a bit. It was all very exciting.


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cyqlmdf said...

haha, that's very straight forward, Annie