Guang jie

So on friday (and Saturday actually) I went shopping. Friday was the wholesale market where I bought a really cute pair of boots, but thats not the actual story here...

Outside of the market they have people selling things in bags quite literally off the street, and I really wish I would have brought my camera with me, but I didn't. So were were walking past one market to the other, and it was like, people selling scarves out of bags, necklaces off their arms, these were smelly things... then all the sudden BAG OF PUPPIES!!! seriously someone was selling puppies out of like a giant canvas bag. It was ridiculous. and I really wanted one, but then I probably couldn't take it back with me after a year and that was the only thing preventing me from buying a puppy, the were so freaking cute.

Saturday I went and bought yarn, my Kouyu teacher found me a whole sale yarn mart, which is actually like a arts and crafts place where you can get hand made crap, like custom made jacket in the fabric you want? done! Cute sweater dress knit for you painstakingly by hand? Done! Which is really cool, but they also sell yarn which is what I got. The knitting needle sizes here are weired though so I just kind of had to guess what size I needed for the yarn I bought. oh well


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