Sun Village

So I know that i don't post a ton, but honestly that is because I don't really do anything of interest right now. I mean I'll get around to posting about classes eventually (I think I've been taking pictures at least) But Sunday I finally got off my butt and did something interesting. I went to Church...

Yeah, I know Annie at Church WHAT? well it was because there was this volunteer opportunity to go to Sun Village with the Church afterwards and I really wanted to do get out and do some good, even if said good was sort of borderline missionary work. Sun Village is a community where children whose parents are in Jail go live at. In more than a few cases the kids are there because their mother killed their father because their father in a self defense/they were being abused type deal and then had to go to jail because of it.

We told the kids stories about Thanksgiving and made turkey hands and limboed all in all it was a really great day and I would do it again. Well, maybe not the chruch part, singing about fountains of blood is just a little to strange for me.

I leave you all with some pictures:

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