Beijing DOES NOT Huan Ying Ni

SO I no longer love this song, because I had to sing it, in front of a LOT of people (like probably over a hundred) with my Kou Yu Ban. Sadly I was not the worse singer, and that is saying quite a bit, because I am kind of bad.


My favorite part is the flag interlude, I want to speed it up and make it a gif. srsly.

And then we were followed by Koreans and for some reason almost all of them can sing really well (see you if you pick out the Koreans in my class) and just got owned.

Here is a picture of my KouYu Ban because we don't normally all dress like the Chinese flag I promise, this picture is old becasue my hair is still long in it.

more on life later,

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Sheila said...

your hair is so cute!!