I guess I really am my mothers daughter.

Lets be frank here. My mom is crazy at cleaning, infact she is sooo good at cleaning my sister and I are in fact pretty lazy/kind of bad at it.

But everyone one has their limits. And the bathtub in my new apartment in my eyes was unacceptable. by a lot.

So I got out the comet, some rubber gloves and an S.O.S. pad or two and went to town, and the results, well I think they speak for themselves. The tub still isn't sparkling clean by any strech of the the imagination, but it is a lot cleaner than it was before. Also the curtain that was there before and a little gross is up out of the way in the clean picture.

In the end I suppose it just proves that anyone is good at cleaning, it just has to be dirty enough for them to want to clean it. huh.


Melcena said...
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S. said...

Sounds like me attacking Brian's gross keyboard in KH. :|