Lost the battle..

So this morning, yes barely a week into the new semester I've already skipped on class. It was not really on purpose, but i was awake but not really awake enough to convince myself that class is awesome!

But I did get up make it to the second class on time. And then went to classes three and four as well (I was late to four, but that's because I was really into my crossword and should have been paying more attention to the time) So I guess 3/4 is pretty good. But not what I want it to be. we fell off the wagon today, but I will get back on it. And win the war? I guess if we want to think of my attendance as a war.

ALSO (don't think I forgot): Possible Lyric, "Let me tell you all what it's like, being male, middle class and white" rockin the suburbs, ben folds.


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