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So today I thought I'd shed some light on the name of my blog. The title is actually younger than my blog by about 6 months. I changed it while I was in Singapore. While studying abroad last year, I got to travel some during winterbreak, and the one place I went was Singapore. While walking around outside we passed this museum that I never actually got to go into, but I hope someday i will. It was called the Asian Civilisation museum and they had a gallery set up titled : Neither East nor West Asians in Monochrome. And the pictures of these banners (they were every 10 or so feet around the building) all had old pictures of Asian people mostly in western wear. I suppose the gallery was about colonialism, unfortunately I didn't think the company I was with would have indulged me to go into the museum.

But I used to to titled my blog, because it is often how I feel about myself. I am Neither East nor West with my the way I act, the food I eat, even the way I think of the world. I of course occasionally feel much more West and some days even much more East. But I am both and neither. I especially like it because of my major we often think of the world in dichotomies. But I think it is possible to be Neither East nor West.

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rhintz said...

T'was also used by Iran during the Iranian revolution