WIP Wednesday: The Best Laid Plans

For FO Friday last week I really wanted to show you my finished Who's Hungry? Quilt, and then I had already decided what my next quilt was going to be (hint: more owls). Unfortunately my sewing machine Shannon had different ideas. I had the thread in hand, used the hand wheel to catch the bobbin and then the needle came up and wouldn't go back down again. It was jammed =(

Here is my quilt sitting on my floor done except for lack of binding:

Here are some pictures of my adventure with my sewing machine today:

It took me two buses, half an our and a trip to St. Paul to get it looked at. And when your sewing machine weighs about 20lbs trust me it is a haul. Look at all that metal!

And the worst of it all?

The person looked at it and said it might not be fixable =( a real tragedy.

In better news WIP Wednesday news

Here is the progress on my noro scarf for the My Other hobby swap Knit-a-long I'm using sock instead of the prescribed worsted and cast 33 instead of 39 stitches I'm hoping to make a somewhat comically long skinny scarf. I'm still trying to decide if I like the fact that it currently looks like a completely different scarf on the section I'm working on than the start.

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Kwilt Noob said...

Not fixable? NOT FIXABLE????? How is this possible? I would be in full out panic mode! I would take it to another shop. Do you suppose they just want you to buy a new one?