Why friends are awesome

This post could also be titled I had to work yesterday and didn't get to take pics in time to make a WIP: Wednesday post.

Last week my Rav friend Jen and I struck a good deal, in which I came away with a pound of unwashed alpaca (I wanted it! even though it is covered in poop!) and her second hand but still in great condition ashford hand carders. And Jen came away with money to buy some more yarn of course!

I've washed a little bit of the alpaca but haven't gotten it too clean, mostly because my dog keeps on trying to eat it. And I'm nervous my mom will discover just how dirty the alpaca is and will get mad that I brought it into her house. Instead I will wait until I am back in my own apartment with the aid of some rubber gloves and then I can get my hands all dusty and dirty all on my own.

In the mean time. Some great news. Steven's Point Wisconsin now has its very own LYS! It is called the Wisconsin Wool Exchange. It is a little store that specializes in local yarn, and it is absolutely adorable and I can't wait to go back when they are fully set up (I went in on their first day open in their new location).

While there because I wanted to play with my new carders, I bought roughly 3 oz of merino wool in cordinating colors that I could blend together.

I'm still playing around with the blending but it looks like it is going to be a very nice light shade of greyish purple. I'm carding them in all sorts of different ways and I think it will turn out to be a very subtle striping that will be very pretty. (I hope).
So my work in progress this week is really me learning how to card (oh and the other 2oz of my merino to bend together)

Mostly I am just incredibly happy that I got some carders to play with. And that Jen was nice enough to sell them to me even though she wasn't planning on selling them. and that I get to play with putting colors together! Everyone knows I'm a total sucker for colors. I am quickly turning into a jack of all trades, but master of none.

And Don't forget there is still one more day to enter in my very first giveaway! (see post below).


Tutorgal said...

Beautifully blended colors!! I'm so envious of all of the talented spinners I see on Ravelry. Those that can, do, and the rest of us just admire!!

And I also agree that Turtlejen is pretty awesome.

Congratulations on your new hobby tools!

Celestya22 said...

Awesome deal! I love how you blended those colours together. Just gorgeous! Isn't colour mixing fun!?

turtlejen said...

Nice carding, may they serve you well! Oh, and about Esme eating the alpaca? The only thing to do there is to keep it out of her reach. In a tote or something that she can't get into. It's a scent/animal thing and I don't believe you can really do more than keep it away from her.

Kate said...

Beautiful blending, Annie. What is it about dogs and poop?!