The Sun is shining, it's a beautiful day.

And I am the luckiest girl in the world!

It is wonderful out today. I spent some time in my back yard with Beverly, my spinning wheel. Listening to music and noise and spinning in the back yard.

I said Hi to Sampson who lives next door and is the most energetic dog ever.

Mostly just taking in the sunlight because it finally feels like summer.

Remember how I got my spinning wheel? It was from a kind and wonderful woman named Beverly. And now less than a year later (just shy of a month to be a year apart) I was given a wonderful new present.

Why yes that is a new sewing machine. This time from a kind and wonderful woman named Kay. I just got to sew on it today and it runs really well. And is head and shoulders nicer than my old machine. She was also nice enough to spend me bobbins and a shank separately from bringing the machine over. I met Kay over in the MOHS group on Ravelry along with her mother and her daughter. Three generations of crafters, amazing. And they are all nice and sweet as can be.

I think the name of my new machine is going to be Kay. I hope she doesn't mind.

It also came in what I think is the cutest bag ever.


Alykatsknits said...

What a wonderful way to spend a day! I am very jealous!! We are so glad to share the sewing machine with you. You helped me out by clearing a spot in my craft room. My philosophy is to share what you have and share your talents and pay it forward. In the end you end up blessed. The MOHS group has been a total blessing to me. I have met the most wonderful women in this group that share their talents and there love every day! We are so lucky to have met you too Annie!!

Hugs! Kay

Kate said...

Blogger needs to add a love button. LOVE