Sunday Stash: A different kind of Stash

I am attempting to Stash down my yarn. Too much yarn not enough time. We'll see about fabric when I finally get a working sewing machine again (I am so close! more on that later)

But I am just going to share a little bit of a new Stash I got. My sister was just visiting me and I went to the Electric Fetus for the first time. A very famous record store in Minneapolis. And it is awesome. Seriously. I had a little fun browsing the used CD collection and came away with a bit more than I intended, as what usually happens in stores like that.

Yes that is the Hannah Montana soundtrack CD. And the Darker one you can't read as well is Digital Ash in a Digital Urn, by Bright Eyes. I have wide and varying tastes in music. What can I say? I will blog more on the Hannah Montana stuff soon (tomorrow I already have a post planned). But until then yes I realize its target demographic is like 10 years younger than me. Will it help if I say that I was 17 when it started? No? Okay...

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