Mondog #1 : Join the revolution.

Most people (read: craft bloggers) are aware of the term "Caturday." Well, I don't have a cat. Besides I like dogs. My friend Contessa asked if she could feature my dog on a Monday post and thus "Mondog" was born. Do you prefer dogs to cats as well? or do you like/have both?

Come Mondog with me!

This is Esme. She is seven years old and a cocker spaniel poodle mix (cockapoo). She is sweet and loves cuddles, and tearing a part plushies. Other questions?

Join me in the Mondog revolution.

To submit your dog as guest doggy for mondog please email me at Chen.AD@gmail.com

(PS: I'll do my YOP update tomorrow)


Cris said...

Cute pooch :) I prefer neither as I love them both hehehe

Kwilt Noob said...

Have I got a Mondog for you! (two, actually.) Will email in the AM