WIP: Wednesday or is it?

Iam never sure what to call quilt tops. Are the a finished object? Are they a work in progress. The top is finished and it's not like the finished quilt will be much different from the finished top? Then again there is a lot more work that has to go in it before it is actually done.

Since this particular quilt is currently covered in basting pins I feel comfortable calling this a work in progress.
You saw the beginnings of it while it was still in its half square triangle form. But now it is all grown up and even has a backing. it is the Kona solids challenge that requires the use of half square triangles.

I even started quilting it. I have quickly gave up though because right now all I have is a walking foot. And walking feet don't do very well with all the turning that is necessary for these stars. I will wait until I have a hopping foot again. It will be much easier with a hopping foot... Which I should maybe next week. YAY
Here is sort of the idea of what it will look like. I like the negative space of sorts. and the way that the colors flow from one ladder to the other. Whoo!

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Kwilt Noob said...

LOVE that! The ladders have GREAT movement! Can't wait to see the finished product. I am currently in the process of quilting a top and am getting quite frustrated. I seem to have lost my FMQ mojo.