Mondog #3 PUPPY!!!

Our Mondog today is brought to you by Grep.

Here he is at 8.5 weeks old. He is a German (emphasis on the GERMAN) Shepard. And soooo cute. He is the new puppy of my MOHS ravlery friend Kate.  Now he is closer to 10/ 10.5 weeks But I am sure that he is just as cute. Just look at the HUGE puppy paws!

More pictures of Grep can be found here. There are a lot of cute ones but I just love the ear pop.

Have a great Mondog everyone! if you have a dog that you'd love to see on mondog please email me at Chen.AD@gmail.com


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Kate said...

He has both ears up now, and is becoming a much more managable pup. And he's still cute. Sometimes.