Please Stand by...

We are experiencing technical difficulties.

This morning I was going to take a lot of pictures of Quilts in progress for a WIP Wed post. currently I have 6 and I am actively working on four. And I would really like the wise opinion of my small but very intelligent readership. However I lost me camera card. Not sure where it is, at all. Tore apart my room this morning to no luck. I can't afford a new card right now (unless they sell them at the student book store then it is sort of like an interest free creditcard) So with a little luck I will be able to post a finished quilt top, or sock or something for FO Friday (ha. Probably not).

PS: I decided to put the followers widget on my blog so if you haven't yet please follow me!
PPS: I fail at lack of YOP post this week but I am not failing at YOP knitting. I have stuff to share I promise.

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