East Meets West, but whose is best?

So when I first was going to study abroad I applied to go to Shanghai because there is supposedly a very big culture clash for East and West and that's the type of thing that really interests me. However I didn't have to go there because there is a really cool mix here on campus. Sarah and I walked around the older part the other day which is full of really pretty buildings and ponds and is all in all very aesthetically pleasing.

There is also this giant pagoda type thing that actually only used to be a water tower and is now merely symbolic, it is very pretty.
the only bad thing about have such a senic area of campus is a shit ton of bugs, I have three bites (possibly four) on my right foot alone =(

I'll be uploading more campus scenery photos as well as everything else on facebook, so keep a look out!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you liked the campus view in general~ Sorry to hear about the bites... try some tooth paste on the bites. it's supposed to help relieve the itchy feeling. are you all settled now? don't feel lonely. I'm here to back you up!


S. said...

Melinda: What, no pictures of herself? Tell her that she has to take some pictures of herself.

Me: I'm sure she will. She's kind of a whore like that.

Melinda: That's true.

April said...

wow. your campus is so pretty. my campus in france looked like an inner city school. what are the students like?