Ready, Set, Don't Go!

So because of April (and you know I love you but I was curious) I really wondered what the German crowd thought of Tokio Hotel (for those of you who don't know it is this German band that we saw live in St. Paul back in august)

and I've heard from a few people that Tokio Hotel was not well received in Germany so I had to ask here were the responses.

Matt: Laughed very loudly, and said, "I did not come all the way to China to get asked questions about Tokio Hotel!" and "Basically if you are over the age of 16 or not a female and especially if you have a younger sister you hate them."

Johan: Covered his ears and went, "No, No, NO!"

Bierret (sorry if I spelled your name wrong): said, "I hate them, they are so weird!" and "If I had a child I would not let them go see Tokio Hotel in Concert!"A picture of Bierret and I for proof I suppose...

<3 Annie

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April said...

hun, i never claimed everyone loved them. there are quite a few people that even fiercely hate them. :P