Glasses... indeed.

For the past week or so a screw fell out of my glasses and I've been holding them together with a paper clip, ghetto I know. (This post is actually about a week late sorry)

So my friend took me to a glasses market which sells fake designer glasses for a pretty cheap price. There they also do perscription sunglasses so of course I have to get some. Anyways two 10 RMB cab rides and a 45 min subway ride later I end up at this place and it's pretty cool, I got a pair of glasses which were done in litterally a 10 min and a pair of sunglasses that I needed to pick up the next day.

Then it was friday and I took another trip to the glasses mart on the subway and instead of taking the taxi I just walked there, and on the way there I ran into a street vendor that was selling these delicious meat sandwich things. since I bought one I decided to stop and take a picture, It's really odd to think that all they do all day is stand on the corner and make food and that is their lively hood, but it is really common in China, especially at night, especially with Chuar.

While in the glasses place I had to wait like 20 min for my sunglasses before they were done, so I took a picture

And then I overheard someone bargaining, then it occured to me, this is a market place, of course there is bargaining. It's just that everything is shiny and white and all the fuwuyuans wear lab coats that it has the air of being a legitmate doctors place, but it really isn't. so then I was kicking myself for not trying to bargain, but they were cheap anyways so I don't feel terrible about it.

I also got to watch how they made the glasses, basically they take the demo lens drill a hole into it, put it in this machine take the perscription lens attatch a suction cup to the middle, put it in the machine, then there is whirling and grinding and water running and smoke comming out. Basically the machine uses the demo lense as a guide to grind the perscription lense out. then they repeat with the other lens and before you know it, new glasses YAY!

I really like my new sunglasses I've been wearing them everywhere I think I look pretty awesome.

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