Too Late is my Ancestral Home

Yeah, only one person will get that joke.

But I am now in Taiwan, with my mommy. And all of my relatives, who all speak Taiwanese, which I don't. I'm kind of picking some up though, like I can kind of tell when they are talking about me.

I owe my sister an apology, Dolly (my cousin) has two kids one 5 and one 3 last time my sister was here she was all, "Ugh, these kids are the most annoying ever and just need a good disciplining!" And my response was, "Whatever Sunny, you hate kids." But now... now I kind of have to agree with her, wow these kids are annoying, and I really like kids, but they need to learn some manners, quickly.

We were at a giant shopping mall yesterday and I finally bought an electronic dictionary (YAY!) and the lady at the Jade counter was asked, "What relation does this person have to you?"

I responded, "My mother."

Then she said, "Oh, she doesn't look like your mother."

Mom cut in, "She takes after her dad."

The Lady at the counter now ignores me and turns to my mom, "But she's so dark."

Which my mom replies, "She just got back from Singapore where it is very Sunny."

"I see." She turns back to me to ask, "You're mom is very pretty isn't she?"

I respond, "Yes." but in my head I'm thinking, Thanks for calling me ugly, bitch.

Sorry this is all over the place but I'm just writing things that are comming to mind. I'll write more later.



Sheila said...

I'm sorry annie. That lady was a total bitch. how rude!

S. said...

Chinese people.