The fact of the matter is.

So it came to my attention the other day that my blog is nearly a year and a half old, and I really haven't posted that much. It I think it is because I'm afraid that people will read it.

Ironically (although I seem to have problems with irony much like Alanis so maybe only coincidentally) I used to post a lot on my blog on highschool because I was desperate to know what people thought of what I thought and for people to pay attention to me. But really do I want to pour my heart and soul out on this thing because I've read my High school blog, it is embarrassing.

But I've decided today that a blog is for writing in and I should be proud of my voice and not be afraid to post what i want to on it. Seems like I should already do that since I'm am outspoken in other parts of my life. So that's it I guess I'm going to try and blog more, and not just about what I do, but really how I feel, maybe I will even post some fiction, (although probably not).

So this is me posting about posting and about how I want to flip convention the bird, not that I don't do that already or something.

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