In Light of My "New" Voice

So since I just made a post about how I am going to post more about the things I feel instead of just random posts about random things.

Today during my 'Cultural Production of Asian American Women' class when were talking about the way both Women and Asians have both been ostracized in the US society. And while we were thinking about it I came to an interesting conclusion: My biggest insecurity isn't that I am Asian, it isn't that I am a women, it's not that I'm getting my degree from a State school. It's the fact that I'm fat.

I think it's because I don't really think too much about the fact I'm Asian, or rather that i don't think too much about Asian being all too different from white. I suppose since I've known nothing else and I've never been made fun of for being Asian. And as for being a women, I suppose I don't feel I've ever been discriminated against it. but when you have a mother who is constantly telling you that the reason you couldn't find a job is because you're fat, or you can't get a boyfriend because you're fat that's really what sticks with you.

And I think the amount of fat shaming in our society is appalling. People view things as being a women or being Chinese (Asian, you know) but being fat you know that's something you can change supposedly. and it's really interesting that we can talk about how we are marginalized in our society about such things. And then the thing I feel most insecure about is something that isn't considered academic, or had tons of literature written about it. And that ideas that we hold about weight and body image are very driven by the media and aren't considered apart of academic study. But really we have to accept that people are built differently.

Cause you know everyone is their own unique flower.

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