2011, the year of the quilter?

This summer I took a sewing class where I made some cute little pouches:
After this the next logical stop (of course) was to buy a sewing machine cheaply off of craigslist. So far I've spent around twice as much fixing/cleaning it than I have buying it. It is a total beast and frustrating at times but I love it. In the about six months plus I've been quilting I've been buying fabric, and quilting accessories. For Christmas I wanted fabric:

From my sister.

And I have been getting sewing accessories for Shannon (my sewing machine)

A walking foot to help with quilting.

I've still been knitting and spinning. But now I am trying to become a quilter. I love looking at them and how intricate they are. I love that you don't need a pattern and can kind of just go for it and try to figure it out as you sew. I love that it is pretty free form.

I am about to finish my first quilt that was supposed to be a Christmas present, she'll get it soon (ish)

My second quilt I'm working on is a rainbow quilt. I'm predictable even between crafts.


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