On my facebook for the new year I posted this message "

In order to start the new year creatively, I promise to send something handmade to the first 5 people who leave a comment. In return, you must re-post this and send handmade gifts to the first 5 people to reply. (All gifts will/must be sent in 2011) Let's make stuff together!"

and I am happy to report that 11 days into the new year I have already finished my new project yay! Sorry for the terrible pictures I only have my phone which refuses to focus half the time but it's just a cute little brown hat for my twin/co-worker Ben in a lovely tweedy brown.

Also ignore the fact that I can't take a picture without making a stupid face.

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Scott said...

Hey! Miss you on Rav :( We're doing a traveling journal in MOHS if you wanna join! Please come back!