Block-a-palooza 1/4

Yesterday, I finished up block two and then did blocks three and four, I am now 25% done and half done with the blocks that are already been published. But First the redo of block number one

I'm not sure you can tell but it is much straighter and has no holes than the last one. and it actually measues about 12.5 instead of 11.75 like last time.

Block number two was the one I was most worried about lots of sewing lots of little blocks and seams to match up. While the seams aren't exact the block is surprsingly square and I wasn't sure about the color choices but now I love them.

Block number three was kind of a pain in the butt with all the cutting 7/8th squares and then so many diagonals. But the way they made flying geese on this was way better than the first attempt, it might be because I'm getting better at them though. =D

Block four came together really really quickly and three out of the four points match in the middle. Which for a newbie quilter like me who is in waaaay over her head i call that a success. Hopefully some of the blocks are easier and I'll get caught up ish soon. However, I own no wonder under and have never apliqued before for the newest block.... oh crap.

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Kwilt Noob said...

I think your blocks look really great! You are using Lily and Will, which is a personal favorite of mine! Have you done the applique block yet? I had a helluva time with applique when I first started, but the more you do, the better you get, and the more you'll like it!