Bloggers block-a-palooza

So after two weeks of looking and another three days of realizing "Hey I have enough fabric in my stash to to make that! I caved. I decided I was going to do the blogger's block-a-palooza. Read more about it here . Several of the blogs I follow are doing it including my personal favorite quilting blog Oh, Fransson!So despite the fact that I am completely outclassed and have never made a flying geese or a pinwheel in my life. Despite the fact that allegedly there is applique involved. Despite the fact I have been sewing for maybe six months (just under) I am going for it. Late last night I embarked on a journey and tried to make my very first flying geese patches. It did not go that well. I went to bed satisfied that I made my first ever and that the block was much much bigger than I thought it would be.

I took a look at it again and noticed what a complete and total failure it was. I picked it apart back to its nine-patch component and measured the flying geese patches to see if there were any I could save or if I should just start over. Not a single was was 6.5" the size it was supposed to be the closest was a quarter of an inch off and none of them were remotely square so I decided to redo it. all eight of the flying geese. wasting the little bit of the solid I have for this quilt. hopefully I can post an update soon. and my block will actually be square and or big enough that I can square up...

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Kwilt Noob said...

Hey! You and I are kindred spirits! I had never made a goose before in my life! I am learning so much by doing this quilt-a-long and having a blast doing it. Glad you joined. We can get each other through it! :)