Sunday Stash: Rainbow edition

I'm trying to to add more to the stash (although, I'm not very good at that) so instead of showing you all what is new to the stash instead I thought I would use this space to share the stash that I have.

Sorry that the pictures aren't that good it is gloomy in mpls today ad was trying to compensate with un-natural lighting

If you know me at all then you know that I love rainbows. Call me childish but I have never met a rainbow that i didn't like. I just find them so so appealing and can rarely resist one. So on my very first Sunday Stash I share with you, my rainbow stash.

We have the commercial yarns:

The Hand painted yarns:

the Handspun rainbows: (if I ever have a band that is going to be the name of it handspun Rainbows)

And the Rainbow Fiber

Please note that this is pure STASH that means any WIPs or FOs were not included in these pictures. Also of note, I own no rainbow fabric except for a jelly roll WIP (this needs to be remedied).

This is just a very long way of saying that if you ever need to get me a present rainbow sock yarn is probably a pretty good bet.

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