WIP: Wednesday quilt making

Why, what is this held up with command strip hooks and painters tape? sitting up in my corner so nicely?

Maybe you need a better look, perhaps one further away?

It's a design wall! when I was cleaning my room a while back I decided I needed one. since I live in an apartment with three roommates and I'm not allowed to put holes in the walls or damage them in any sort I had to be creative with how to attach the wall. as you can see by the space it takes up that there isn't too much room for it.

Now for the quilt top. if any of you have been reading my blog you will know that this set of fat quarters was my christmas present from my sister. I'm turning them into 7.5 in squares. Not to sure how I'm going to put them together yet but this is what I have so far.

I especially love the owl fabric and turning the owls into little one eyed monsters at the seams.

Sorry for the crappy picture quality I don't know what is going on but if you


Kwilt Noob said...

I'm so jelly of your design wall! I've been wanting to make one for the longest time, and just haven't gotten around to it. I might just have to stop stitching for a minute and actually make one!

Kwilt Noob said...

You're killin' me because you seem to be a "no reply" blogger, and you keep leaving funny, smart comments on my blog and I want to reply to you and I can't! But thank you, I am not going to change my failed block and I am going to call it "Cage Match to the Death" because that is awesome beyond words.
Also, don't worry about the open sides on the flying geese that I talked about today. I made 4 blocks with them for the Just One Star project and they lay super flat. you don't even know they are there! LOVE THIS METHOD! No waste, and no wasted time drawing those damn diagonal lines!

Whipstitch said...

I feel weird commenting on my own blog! and yay for keeping your block the same!