WIP: Wednesday Who's Hungry?

I know it seems like the only project/thing I've been blogging about lately is my Who's Hungry? quilt. And you might have a point. But it's just that I recently decided that I really wanted to finish it the blocks are easy so why haven't I finished it yet? even more recently I decided that I was going to finish this quilt (including the quilting) in April. Seeing as it is not april yet it looks like I'm probably in pretty good shape. However, my boarder number 1 fabric isn't supposed to get here until April 5th. Wish me luck!

Enough talking time for quilt progress:
I am eight blocks from being done with the block part of the quilt top

They mostly made out of blocks with a corduroy middle, but them a few of them are a semi irregular four patch ish type block made out of the middle scraps like this one:

They are not intentionally wonky... I'm just not good at peicing lots of little squares together, I don't think the tape marking 1/4 inch is straight on my machine right now. I should try to fix that.

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