potentially stupid (updated)

Earlier this week I did something really silly. I ironed on my cutting board and my little makeshift board isn't very heat proof and the resulting heat from my iron warped my cutting mat (oops). Feeling like I should have known better (because I totally should have) I began looking for ways to fix my cutting mat. Number one response was "leave it on the sidewalk for a day and let the sun warm it flat again. Seeing as my sidewalk currently looks like this

I don't really think that it is an option... yeah. The wood plank is to cover up the giant crater in my sidewalk.

I also read then warm water might do the trick so I gave it a bath on and off for a few hours yesterday... still didn't work.

currently I just have some heavy books on it lately hopefully it'll straighten itself out. I have a smaller mat I'm using right now but cutting on it'll probably get quickly annoying.

I'm a liberal arts major we really don't have heavy text books.


I really am potentially stupid, I forgot that one of my roommates is a chemistry major
much better.


Kwilt Noob said...

Hmmmm....Do you know any Engineering majors? They have heavy books AND they are decent problem solvers. At least that has been my experience.

turtlejen said...

rofl! I'm sorry, but I love the update :D

Tutorgal said...

Did the books work? Because I, uh, did the same thing a couple months ago and I've just been working with a warped cutting board. Tips?

Annie said...

I took it off to move it today and it is a LOT flatter but still has some bumps so I put the books back on I'll let you know in a week