WIP: Wednesday

It is really satisfying to take something from the beginning all the way to the end. Someday I hope to sheer my own sheep wash the wool prep it spin it, dye it, and knit something pretty out of it. The best I can do right now is to take this lovely bump of roving dyed by the awesome woolgatherings who paints some of the best rainbows ever. It is a merino, bamboo, tussah silk mix which is some of the nicest fiber I've had the pleasure to spin.

Last week I had this vision of a rainbowy mixed up shawl from my own handspun. right after finishing my arabella, which I will post about soon. I was itching to do another shawl. I put it off for a while but then I could resist. I spun it up and then started my shawl

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Kwilt Noob said...

Such beautiful wool! I am so impressed that you can spin it and create such beautiful things from it! It kind of blows my mind. Brava!