FO: Friday (first one!)

Yes, I've decided to do that whole craft blogger thing with a WIP: Wednesday, FO: Friday and Stash Sunday. It won't be every week (most likely Fridays will not be all the FO-y) But this is the first one.

And since I am a Jack-of-all-crafts, Master of None hopefully they will be diverse and interesting (in theory). So

It is 50/50 Merino Tencel From Greenworks Fibers spun to be something kind of around a worsted/dk weight. And it will belong to SOMEONE WHO I THINKS READS THIS BLOG IF SHE EVER HANGS OUT WITH ME. just saying.

PS: this is also part 2/5 of the new years craft-along I posted earlier about.

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Woollynn said...

Wait now I am confused. Is this my craft present or are you making something else too? It was great to see you and I think I found a pattern I am happy with. :)