Sunday Stash: Make your own stash

Spinning is a very interesting being. Yes you are taking something (fiber) and turning it into something else (yarn) but you are also taking that yarn and ultimately going to use it for something else. So when i want to show off my yarn what is it? Is it stash or is it a Finished Object? If it is just stash and it just stays there in my yarn bin for ever and ever and never becomes a finished object then is isn't it a finished object in and of itself?

Have i just spent way too much of my time this weekend watching anime?

Well here is what I've been spending my time on lately (other than knitting a scarf that will be twice as tall as i am)

Polwarth yarn 464yds spun at about a fingering weight.

I didn't ply the second ball of it as tightly so it is a lot more fluffy might have some issues arise with that. although they're both enough for their of coordinating project I suppose.

this next one is rainbow (surprise surprise) made of superwash merino and tencel 50/50 Navajo plyed 272 yds

the ply is slightly over twisted which is what I wanted. and pardon the fact I'm taking the picture in my bathroom it is still drying.

no immediate plans for either of these yarns yet. They are just going to go in the stash.

also, if anyone is wonder... sewing machine still broken going to take it home and let my bestfriend's dad look at it. He will be infinately less frustrating than the sewing machine place it is currently at. and probably 100x more helpful as well.


AmericanGirl Knits said...

Your rainbow yarn is yummy!! Nice job!

Celestya22 said...

Gorgeous yarn! I would consider such a masterpiece of yumminess and colour a finished object!

Kwilt Noob said...

It's gorgeous! I would love to see pictures showing how you spin it. Sending out healing thoughts to your machine. And, yes! Best friends are wonderful! :)