FO: Friday Where have I been?

Oh my what happened to me? I haven't blogged in nearly two weeks. It's not from lack of doing stuff, it is almost being too busy.

I've moved for the month to my mom's in Wisconsin to help her out with the restaurant. My sewing machine is STILL broken as my friends dad is currently on vacation. No worries though he should be back in a few days. Although, I have been looking at some sewing machines on craigslist... early birthday present maybe? I'm currently taking advantage of the fact I have a car and am mobile.

I'm currently bar tending or waitressing every night, but that still leaves enough time for knitting. and I currently have plans to take over the dining room and turning it into my own quilting station and eager to have the room for it.

Right now I'm just happy to be reunited with the worlds best puppy

anyways enough housekeeping, on to the FO. I finished a delightful rainbowy (ish) shawl from my handspun the silk in it makes it incredibly drapey and I might be in love with it. Even though the weather is now officially spring (after snowing on Tuesday) I might just wear it today out of stubbornness.

Lace is so fun not knit. Not because of the small yarn or the complicated pattern, but because of how it grows. Bind off the edging and all there is, is this sad little wrinkled mess. But get it wet, stretch it out pin it down and it is like magic. It grows to such a nice shape as if it was supposed to be that way.

For now though i will leave you with the worlds cutest puppy modeling my brand new scarf! (she was kind of unhappy about it)


turtlejen said...

LOL, poor Esme :) She's such a pretty puppy though, it's hard not to dress her up. Especially in such a lovely shawl-beautiful work there, ma'am!

Celestya22 said...

The shawl is gorgeous! I don't think the puppy was upset about the shawl (who could be? It's beautiful!), just at not being cuddled anymore! Such a cutie!

Kwilt Noob said...

That shawl is beautiful! you are lucky that you have other talents besides sewing. I'd be lost without my machine.
Thanks for the nice comment about my pictures. I love prom season in all of its glorious awkwardness!

Kate said...

Esme looks less than thrilled with lovely shawl. She looks so soft (the puppy. Well, yes, the shawl too.)