FO: Friday The Hipsteriest Scarf that Ever Hipstered a Scarf

Remember those huge needles I showed you a while back? Well I'm starting to remember why for the first four years of my knitting life I didn't own a needle under a size 11. And even then I rarely used a size 11. I spent a lot of time knitting scarves out of chunky yarn. And then I discovered socks.

But there is something about the clicking of giant needles that are just sort of fun. Really Really fun. I saw this sample at my LYS and immediately fell in love with it. It looks hard but it is just one ball of yarn that they make to look very complicated and messy(in a good way).

When I bought the yarn I also bought the size 35 needles. At first I was hesitant buying such big needles. When would I ever use them again? Well so far I have knit two projects on them and I am currently spinning the yarn for a third. So other than my size three needles that constantly have a sock on them in recent times these have been the needles that have seen the most action in a while and I will eat my words.

I am not one of those "knitting is only for winter" people. I love knitting at all times. The bad thing about summer knitting though is that I have to wait until winter. Or at the very least until it is not 90 degrees out to wear them. Maybe I should look into knitting tanktops.

But I don't know hipster scarves are just so cute. Especially when they are this darn hipstery. Look at that! the fringe came with it too. Which is just awesome.

Also currently off the giant needles? Here is a sneak peak of the rainbow scarf I've been raving about. But more on that when it is actually complete.


Anonymous said...

That sure is hipster-y, but it looks GREAT on you! Have a great weekend!

Napiligal said...

Love the shawl and who doesn't love a rainbow!

Contessa said...

One big giant YES to all of that!!!
The hipster scarf looks fantastic (and so cute on you!) and the rainbow scarf is delicious.

I tried giant needles when I first started knitting, hoping for a lacy look to my knitting (used thin yarn on them and didn't YO because I had no idea what that even was). Needless to say my knitting suffered many setbacks. :p

Anyway, your post is really making me want to pull out my 15s. . . Where do you even get 35s?!

pentalia said...

It looks like you're wearing a work of art! Love the subtle colors and the texture created by the fringe wrapped up in the scarf.

Crafty Intrigue said...

The first project I knitted used size 17 needles. I haven't knitted on that large of needles again.

SimonSimple said...

The hipster looks rather nice and the rainbow scarf is lovely, looking forward to seeing it fully revealed. Have a great weekend.

RugbyMad said...

I love you scarf and the rainbow one is going to be awesome as well. I knit morein winter then in summer but I am also one of those mad ones that carries on knitting in summer.

Anonymous said...


You might enjoy this video if you haven't already seen it - a recordsetting knit with 1000 strands of yarn on huuuuge needles. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVRfVEONxJQ