I so espoiled!

(That is what my mom says to my dog all the time she is so espoiled)

A few weeks ago I sent out a queen package to friend Contessa it included sock blockers, kit-kats, and some handspun (handcarded!) yarn that was fun to spin up even though I was allergic to it. And she so happy and in a good mood that she decided to return the favor as a little bit of a surprise. And what an awesome AWESOME package it was.

On my MOHS Wishlist (rav link) I put that I wanted to learn how to crochet. Every time I see things on Ravelry and go "Why don't I crochet again?" Well, it is because it was actually one of the first yarny crafts I tried to learn I was ten, I tried to learn from my mother and it ended up with a lot of yelling and tears.

But she provided me with a Klutz book (which I love) which teaches all the crocheting basics.

She made me RAINBOW stitch markers! (rainbow! that are super SUPER cute along with an entire gauntlet of other stitch markers at well. I absolutely love them and just love how talented she is!
Seriously do you all see how many pretty stitch markers are on there? Soo PRETTY! You all should be jealous of me. If you don't want to be jealous of me checkout Contessa's stuff.

A wonderful note

And some of the cutest rainbowy heart shaped buttons in the world. I wish I could have taken better pictures of them but I failed. I have to find the perfect PERFECT project for them. I'm thinking some sort of fingerless gloves or something else that I can show off.

Sorry I haven't made my Year of Projects update yet. I went camping on Sat/Sun with some friends (this is Oliver). Followed by Stitch n Pitch with some friends I met on Ravelry. Both were extremely hot but extremely fun!

And told Contessa I would make this post today. I'll try to get it done tomorrow. Better late than never right (although it very well might be never if I don't get on it).

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Vanessa said...

I love the Klutz book! Very clear illustrations and fun projects. I made their soap holder for a friend and she uses it as a sachet for really strong smelling soaps.

I love getting random goodies in the mail!