FO: Friday Rainy Days

First I want to apologize for the horrendous pictures in this post. I waited all day to see if it would stop raining and the sun would come out. But I think this is just how bad it is going to stay. (sorry rain is hard to get a good pic of but trust me is terrible!)

But I do have FO's that I want to share with the world! (I also wanted to share my new hair cut but that will have to wait for a day that i didn't walk home in the rain).

First, The latest in my Tour de Fleece progress. Spindle spun wheel plied. I've been having terrible luck with spindles lately. I broke another one! from the two that I showed you last time. And it was my favorite so I don't want to talk about it =(.

But this turned out fantastic and I've already started on the next one of the set. It is 80/2o Merino/Angora blend that is so scrumptious I wish you all could reach into your monitors and touch it. Soo soft and omnomnom delicious. It is n plied about 167 yds. and is squishably soft

Second, I finally finished this pair of socks! I was originally going to give them up for an MPIRG silent auction but we ended up not doing it. So I put them on the back burner.

Then recently decided that I needed to finish them before I started my Year of Projects (didn't happen). But now they are done and I have another set of needles free to start a Year of Projects sock. WHoo! And I have a new pair of socks. Double whoo.


Vanessa said...

Oh no! Is it easy to break spindles?

Karen said...

Your socks are lovely! The yarn is so pretty.
I'm sorry to hear about your spindle:( Your yarn is really nice though.

SimonSimple said...

The yarn looks scrumptious! really absolutely edible. Too bad about the spindles but the yarn looks worth it.

And good job finishing up the socks,

Have a great and hopefully dry weekend.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Nice job on the socks!

turtlejen said...

It really is too bad about the spindles-did you look into replacing the shaft on the Spinsanity?

I love your socks.